Terroir & Cultivation


The distinctive character of a cru is defined by each combination of terroir and grape in its blend. The terroir concept demands respect for the soil and environment.
At Domaine de Montvac, herbicides and pesticides are banned. Naturally, the whole estate is farmed organically, and is Ecocert certified. Our vines are at one with nature: thus do they give of their best, yielding wines of the greatest possible complexity and singularity. The soil is worked mechanically, but the architecture of the vines is crafted by hand.


Here, the emblematic Grenache grape is dominant.
On stony soils and on slopes well exposed to the sun, it produces all its generous flavour and symphony of aromas. Syrah, planted in the cooler soils, contributes structure and colour, while Mourvèdre is used sparingly to increase the aromatic persistence of the final blend.


Cécile and Jean Dusserre observe and taste the organic grapes weekly. When close to maturity, they are analysed in our laboratory to pinpoint the crucial date when, in each parcel, the optimal balance will be struck between structure and aromatic finesse. The order of harvesting is then drawn up, and a merry team of pickers head out to cut healthy, handsome bunches.