Vacqueyras A.O.C.

A unique terroir, very low output, maximum concentration, and ultra-careful vinification over long weeks confer on Variation the status of a great Rhône Valley wine. This is nature in its purest state, without artifice.


Noble Grenache is the senior partner in all southern Rhône Valley blends. Sensitive to blossom drop and grey rot, and displaying excessive vigour when very young, Grenache is a hard variety to control. As in humans, only past the age of thirty can its character settle; and as in humans, self-fulfilment is attained with maturity. What a pleasure, then, to contemplate a handsome long bunch of small, well-spaced black berries, between which a shiny green stalk can be glimpsed. Even before the tricky harvest and ultra-careful vatting, we know that the result will be exceptional.


The story of Variation? A small plot of vines lined by pine trees that provide shelter from the rapacious gusts of the Mistral. Old vines parsimoniously produce a few well-aired bunches, which are picked when slightly overripe in order to obtain mild tannins and aromas of candied fruits and spice. Vinification is conducted very slowly over several weeks, and that is that. Nature in its purest state, without artifice.


Fleshy and powerful, with an exceptional character that will delight discerning enthusiasts.

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